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The Neville Construction Group companies are committed to addressing the challenges involved in operating a responsible and sustainable business.  The company strives towards sustainability by integrating and balancing our economic, environmental and social responsibilities within all our activities.


The company’s commitment to training and development is an absolute that has been maintained throughout the recession of the early 90’s and the challenges of today’s labour market.  The company is dedicated to improving its performance throughout all elements of corporate social responsibility and as an Equal Opportunity company, over the years has looked to engage with the community within which it operates, helping through both operational and charitable works to improve and enhance the community.  The company interacts with many local schools, providing assistance in areas such as off-cuts of timber, building materials, and donations as and when appropriate.


The company also encourages charitable works and in recent years has been involved with the Pasque Hospice, Luton Churches Education Trust, Ronald McDonald House Charities and a number of charities championed by company staff.


For many years the company has been aware of the environmental impact its operations have on the world in which we trade and the company has looked to minimise this impact through the recycling of materials and the elimination of waste.  The company has an environmental committee chaired by a main board member that monitors its performance and takes the role of championing and implementing improvements to the company’s procedures and processes.  Examples of these include the use of wood chippings from the Joinery Shop being used in pot pourri, the tyres from the Fitters Shop being used to produce promotional products, and the use by local schools and organisations of redundant plant and excess materials.


The company became ISO 14001accredited in January 2009.


Corporate Responsibilty

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