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Neville Construction Group has a specialist knowledge and proficiency in work and projects for clients from the education sector.  

We understand the specific need of clients in undertaking work within schools and colleges, in terms of their sensitive nature, architectural demands, time constraints and completing work through holiday periods.


Neville Construction Group has undertaken over 50 education projects over the last three years ranging from small annual maintenance work to larger refurbishment and new build projects.

Based in Luton we are a local business and have worked closely with schools and colleges within our region to deliver their building and maintenance needs.

Impressive layout, planned with great detail.

Exceptional new accommodation with everything well thought out and  the attention to detail is brilliant.  

A wonderful enchanting environment.
My children say every day - "I love my school”  - well done to everyone involved.

Comments received from parents of pupils at

St Albert the Great Roman Catholic Primary School

St Albert the Great

Roman Catholic Primary School

Hemel Hempstead

Bedford School

New Music Hall

St Clement Danes School


Alban City School

St Albans

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