Tom Bullion - Our Apprentice Surveyor

Tom has been on site at Parmiter's School to further his knowledge - here is how his first month has gone.

"I have enjoyed my first month on site, it certainly makes a nice change from working from home. My first month is similar to how I thought it would be, having visited sites at Pilgrim’s School and Hat Works a number of times - I had a fairly good idea what I should expect.

My first job on site is as a surveyor - checking invoices, getting quotes and appointing subcontractors, looking at variations to our work and comparing costs against value. Spending time with the site manager on site and getting involved in his day to day work, I also understand better how a site manager works generally - as well as alongside a quantity surveyor.

University has been good, the lectures are once a week and still online as you would expect and I imagine they will stay online for the foreseeable now. It certainly is a lot more convenient and safer this way but you certainly miss seeing people - as you do when working from home for a long time.

Generally I’m very busy and doing fine, doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day sometimes!"

You can find Tom's first update on our NEWS page.

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